"There is a saying of the alchemists: through repetition the magic is forced to arise." –David Swenson

Showing up on your mat in the first step

In order to change deep psychological and physical patterns, we must have great faith or what yogis refer to as sraddha. In early recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, they tell you: "Don't quit before the miracle happens." Faith lends comfort and courage to our journey. It is what keeps the hope alive in our heart when the battle seems like an unending uphill. According to yoga philosophy, only divine power is capable of eradicating our samskaras. All that we can do is work day by day through right thinking and right action to soften their influence. And mostly it boils down to one thing: just keep showing up. If you are an alcoholic or an addict and you are suffering, just keep showing up, saying your prayers, following the suggestions and helping others. Relief is coming! A wonderful life is about to open up before you! If you are a yogi who has the privilege of working at subtler levels, the same principles still apply. Just keep showing up on your mat, letting go of results, being honest, kind, and available to others, and amazing things are bound to happen!