I have never met another human being more committed to excellence in her profession or her personal passion. Caroline’s talk is her walk. She is humble in a way that is almost disarming. In her presence, I step into a place of honesty and self-exploration that is inspired purely by the example she lives and breathes. Her listening skills are impeccable. That may be one of the most valuable things she has taught me simply by demonstrating. Silence can be far more powerful than any word in the English language. She is wickedly intelligent and has spent the better part of the last 2 years putting in 14 hour days reading every article, book, and reference she could get her hands on. This shines through while she teaches. Her understanding of the human body is evident every time she lays her hands on a student in a posture. Just like her, her assists are gentle and strong. She is intuitive and she knows the body inside and out because she spends about 3 hours a day on her own mat. She "dorks out" on the dry stuff and makes it come to life.  Her knowledge of the sutras, the anatomy, the sequencing, and the practice are stunning.  What amazes me the most is her ability to read the room and let go of her "plan” - even if it is painstakingly prepared.  Her willingness to let the experience be tailored to the unique and changing needs of each human being in the room is sheer joy for me to watch.

Doing my 300-hour training with Caroline one-on-one has made me a wiser teacher.  She taught me to think on my own, to inquire, to research, and to want more knowledge.  I am amazed at how this learning experience created a foundation of confidence in me. I have stepped into my own sunshine by letting go of old ways that didn't work. I am a stronger student as a result of this experience and I have grown as a human being in ways I've yet to define. I cannot find words for how profound this learning adventure was.

To my teacher, thank-you for opening my eyes to the world I live in and taking me along for the journey of a lifetime.  As you head to Maine, know that you leave behind a community who is changed by your grace. I hope you will carry us with you in your heart. May you find the peace and love you so readily dispense to all of those who are lucky enough to have been your student and inevitably, your friend. 

Cathy Collins Rosenberg

The yoga teacher who most inspires me lives her yoga in her life as well as on her mat and in front of her class.  She is constantly studying her books, her students and herself, to deepen her knowledge.  She is continually learning and sharing her discoveries and creations.

This teacher has an uncanny listening ability.  She is so present that she clearly hears and remembers what her students say.  She is able to respond in a way that is precise, from the heart, and without waiver.  It is fascinating to watch and blows me away every time.  This woman is gifted in so many ways.

Her yoga classes are challenging, original, fun and informative.  They are classes that fill you up and leave you inspired to continue practicing, learning, and growing.

The voice of this yoga teacher is kind but direct.  She is supportive, encouraging and loves drawing people together.  It is no surprise that she is so well-loved and respected in her life and in her career as a yoga teacher.

She inspires me to be my best self and to practice yoga seriously and spiritually.  She is humble and compassionate with no trace of ego in her yoga practice or in her teaching.  She is clear and strong and full of love.  She is authentic, kind, truthful and hard working.

You are a beautiful soul, Caroline, and my most inspiring yoga teacher.

Nina Reid

Every once in a while you meet someone who is so incredibly inspiring and generous, it kind of baffles you, leaving you wonder how you got so lucky to encounter this person... that is the case with Caroline. It’s difficult for me to say anything about Caroline because the words will not do justice to the fact that Caroline is, like all of us, a limitless being with profound ability to impact those around her. It’s just that Caroline is tapped into that potential and applies tireless effort and discipline to her craft.

Caroline is a yoga teacher who steps beyond the boundaries of the classroom. She’s inspired hundreds of students and helped build the yoga community from the ground up. She’s largely self-taught, following a keen sense of curiosity and unparalleled commitment. It seems to me a deep sense of service drives her to create a variety of programs accessible to a wide range of people. She’s a leader, consistently putting together new exciting programs that help support self-inquiry and healing in a way that few could.

I was honored to join Caroline’s Adventures in Yoga training program last fall, a 10 week program of interactive learning, practice and discussion. I signed up to deepen my own practice and improve my ability to teach and was overjoyed with the results, an improvement of technical skills along with a significant boost in confidence. Caroline not only understands in-depth the human body and anatomical implications of yoga asana and yoga philosophy principles, she also communicates it well in a clear and humble way that allows for anyone to relate to the information and integrate the lessons.

Ok, I may be gushing here, but those of you who know Caroline know she deserves every bit of it, and you probably won’t be surprised by my enthusiasm!

Thank you Caroline, for caring. In caring about the yoga practice and those who are drawn to it, you’ve made an impact perhaps more than you know. Thank you for sharing your insight, wisdom and practice with the world, and for making it a much, much better place by doing so. You’ve given me knowledge and encouragement when I needed it most and helped support me in pursuit of a new endeavor. You are a role model and a friend and I am deeply inspired by your presence. Thank you for being you.

Chris Callahan


Caroline's guidance in yoga vibrates its way to your core, nourishing deep, deep down. I was particularly appreciative of how she highlights out strengths and gently, creatively works on our weaknesses. Having and unflinching gaze to the truths, she freely expresses her valuable insights on our journey to living more harmoniously with ourselves, others and the planet. Her divine company extends beyond the studio, where we get a chance to practice and integrate what we learn and feel in class into the everyday goings-on. Her selfless service has won my compassion and respect cradling personal milestones in asanas and igniting soulful relationships.

Kemba Quinn, South Africa


To talk about Caroline's life and teaching would be to imply that they are two separate entities, but I have experienced first-hand the reality that her life-work is one force. And what a force it is! I have not come across another teacher who lives and demonstrates so wholeheartedly each of the principles that they teach. To experience yoga with Caroline is to gain a deeper understanding of one's self, while developing true strength on every level. Her approach calls to mind a phrase from the poet Mary Oliver, "patience comes to the bones before it takes root in the heart.", inspiring me to initiate discipline from my core and see how that effort manifests in every avenue of my existence. (Notably these manifestations have centered around love and sincerity.) She reminds me that whatever I discover through my practice is a reflection of this life and my own relationship to it. 

I am so grateful to Caroline, to her work and ceaseless dedication to her practice. For the community that surrounds this luminous woman, she has created classes that provide a beautiful balance of challenges and fun. In her warm, loving and encouraging environment, we are all free to deeply enjoy yoga, to learn what we are capable of, to learn from each other and to laugh with abandon while we're at it. What a privilege to be able to share that journey

- Natalie Dollin, UK


Many of us have had that one yoga teacher touch our lives and resonate with us in a profound way that stand out from any others and Caroline is a prime example of this for me. I can only hope to try and emulate or carry some of her special qualities on with me in my life. 

What attracted me most to Caroline's classes is her complete transparency and sincerity. She does, by no means, sugar coat herself or intentions. Her classes feel so completely raw in the most beautiful way I don't know how to explain. Caroline wears her heart on her sleeve and despite the fact she brings SO much to the table I genuinely get the feeling that she is growing with her students, as teachers are meant to do. 

Her classes are strong and so well rounded. I never once left with a feeling of lacking in any area. If you are looking to strengthen mind and body, her classes are for you. I cannot sing her praises enough. She shone the most extraordinary light in my life which I intend to keep shining and can't wait to take one of her killer inversion classes again when I visit Florida. 

- Rochelle Le Roux, South Africa 


From the first time that I met Caroline, I knew that I was in the space of a true yogini… Caroline embodies a realness to the yoga practice that I’ve found nowhere else.  She creates a space that leaves room to breathe into the dark spaces so that your soul experiences shimmers of healing light.  Her infectious humor and laugh reminds us to take the load off of the difficult poses that our bodies know we need, so we are able to experience the immense depth that the yoga practice offers us.  Her wealth of knowledge relating to the practice, anatomy, and history of yoga always leaves me yearning for more.  Caroline encourages her students to trust their inner wisdom and to always be willing to learn from each other. Leading with an unpretentious heart and passion for her yoga practice, you will always leave your mat with a full heart and a boundless outlook on life.  I am extremely fortunate to have found Caroline and am forever grateful for the lessons, experiences and practice that she has shown me.  Whether you are looking to become an instructor or practice yoga, Caroline will allow you to experience this at the fullest.  Her spark will ensure that you find the light within your soul to accomplish whatever it is your set your intention(s) to be… I look forward to many more opportunities to learn from her gracious heart and humble soul… 

- Caroline Wong


If you’re just looking for a yoga teacher, keep looking.

If what you’re after is a transformation of your body, mind and spirit, then your search is over.

Caroline Wybar is more than a yoga instructor. Her practice is a space for exploration. From your first inhale on your mat, to your last exhale as you bow your head in gratitude, a sacred inquiry will have taken place between you and your most honest and vulnerable center.

With Caroline, you will dig deep. You will be asked to honor exactly where you are in that moment in time, and that in and of itself is a challenge for some of us - to be with ourselves for 60-90 minutes without judgement or hurry. You will be asked to greet your practice with curiosity, and she will know secretly that wonderment and majesty awaits you.

A few months ago, I asked her for a private session. I’d been feeling an overwhelming uncertainty in general and was struggling in a place of melancholy. For half of my session, she simply listened. The face of someone that loves me in every form, staring back while I shared through tears of letting go. “I don’t know the answer” I said. What she asked me in response was nothing short of transformative, the very words I needed to begin to be set free: “Are you okay with not knowing?”

Her practice is for the daring, the curious, the downtrodden and the broken. It’s for the courageous and triumphant. For the joyful and for those brave of heart. It’s for the beginner and for the advanced - for we’ll all journey through both time and time again. Her practice is for everyone. Her practice is for you, and I am here to tell you open your arms wide to let her in. You will never be the same.

- Sauce Osofsky


Caroline was born to teach yoga! She embodies the true spirit of yoga with her honest, compassionate and insightful style. Creative sequencing, yoga philosophy and FUN are artfully balanced into each class. She instinctively connects with her students to help them tap into their strengths and recognizes their fears. To teach from the heart and not the ego is a gift. Caroline possesses that gift and she is truly "a gift" to our yoga community. 

- Sheila Skrobeck, West Palm Beach


I moved to Florida after practicing on-and-off for a number of years in Minnesota. I had purchased a bunch of Groupons to check out different studios in the area to try and find one that I would like, to no avail. The last one I bought was for a studio near my house, and one of my first classes was with Caroline. I had no idea what I was in for! This tiny woman with long blonde hair not only kicked my ass that night, she kicked my soul. Her ability to guide her students in a challenging class, while also being supportive of their limits, is quite unique. Through her personal stories about what yoga means to her, she is able to connect with each of her students on a level that eludes many teachers. Within a short period of time my experience of going to a yoga class had transformed into exactly what I needed: to be a part of a community. If you're looking for more than just a workout from your yoga experience, than you have found the right teacher. 

- Bethany Esse, West Palm Beach


My journey with yoga has been a sweet awakening, and I am grateful to Caroline for the enormous part she has played in developing my practice and my soul.  She embodies strength, hope, and the example that you can change your life with this healing practice.  The biggest impact she made on me was through a yoga retreat in Tulum.  She thoughtfully put together a beautiful program with personalized music, varied yoga practices, and one-on-one talks with each of us.  My favorite day of the retreat was indeed my meeting with her in the dark, candle-lit yoga room next to the ocean.  After our meeting, I felt closer than I ever felt to God, as I took her inspiration and walked along the ocean shore.  It was a turning point in mylife.  I am thankful to her for her courage in sharing her experiences, some of which we share mutually, and for being a shining emblem of strength and positive change.

- Barbie Zambrano


I'm very fortunate to have Caroline as one of my yoga teachers. She has an amazing way in encouraging her students using her soft-spoken style that allows us to believe that we can accomplish anything using our mind, body and breath. 

Attending Caroline's Thursday night Flight Club class is always one of my highlights of the week because she has created an environment that is friendly and encouraging. The ego is quickly left behind at the group circle and we become present through a difficult, humbling practice that is empowering and lots of fun. 

I'm so grateful to Caroline for helping me to have a greater belief in myself and to open my mind to the unlimited possibilities. 


- Alfonso H., Wellington


I have consistently practiced yoga under the instruction of Caroline Wybar since I moved to West Palm Beach in October, 2014. Every class was a new opportunity to go deeper into my practice and to find my edge, physically, mentally and spiritually. Through her profound words, Caroline has inspired me to incorporate the discipline of this ancient science into my daily life. She has taught me that only through discipline can one begin to find liberation. 

Caroline speaks to her students, regardless of experience or ability level, in such a manner, that they get an instantaneous understanding of the value of yoga on and off the mat! I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with Caroline and look forward to more opportunities to learn from this humble, compassionate and talented yogini!

- Marie Mathieson RYT 200, West Palm Beach


On Caroline's resume it may read: Yoga instructor (as we all must sooner or later title ourselves), especially when in need of a career. But Caroline is a spirit that cannot, or even further, must never be labeled as one persona. Yes, she leads yoga practices of all kinds, ranging from vigorous Vinyasa flow classes to gentle yin sessions, but just as graciously as she tip toes around our sweaty mats, her spirit in similar fashion gently fills up all of those who practice in the presence of her instruction. This sounds like somewhat of a love letter, and in many ways it is. 

When I first entered the Haute Yoga studio on Clematis Street, I had no idea who any of my teachers were, nor really what I was getting myself into. I had been a practitioner of yoga since the age of 16 or so, but over time my anxiety and depression had become crippling, which ultimately kept me from going to popular studios. I had just returned from Graduate school and moved back to West Palm Beach; I barely had any friends and felt that I had to get back in control of my life, my passions, and my spirit, which I thought had been forever lost with my sanity. I walked into the upstairs studio to find a long, blonde-haired yoga goddess behind the desk. I remember the terror that came over me as we introduced ourselves. Caroline smiled at me and asked if I had any injuries; I had a discectomy due to a herniated disc, but this didn't phase Caroline one bit. Rather, she told me confidently that she could modify postures for me if I felt any discomfort in my lower back ... and after that, all that was left was comfort. For the next 75 minutes, this long-haired goddess, with grace and strength, aided me through a vigorous and harmonious vinyasa flow class. I had just met this woman and yet, all I wanted to do was share my story with her. And I was able to do this through each posture without words, without judgement, without fear. After savasana, as we all sat upright and placed our hands in prayer at heart center, Caroline thanked us for being her teachers ... for sharing our practices with her. She bowed to us and we bowed back in deep gratitude. 

I'll never be able to thank her enough for that one class. Due to her genuine and inspirational words, her gentle assists through deeper postures, and especially due to her open arms and heart, I left class that day knowing that I had found someone special who was honest and true. A healer. A teacher. A friend. A light. A mother. A soul. 

Since that first healing class, I have rarely gone a week without taking at least two of Caroline's classes. She has seen me laugh and she has seen me cry. She has led me into postures that I have never before imagined I could do, and she has helped me discover happiness again. My soul again. 

Yoga is a union. Through our practices we are able to come together as one; we are reminded that we may be on separate journeys, but we are all in it together as brothers and sisters. Caroline's instruction and spiritual guidance reminds me of this truth when I desperately need reminding that I am not alone. In fact, she brings so many people together! Just as she is so very honest, her practice and instruction is true in nature, and she is forever in my heart. I, many times, have devoted my practice to her journey. For  she was the first inhale when I was drowning in shallow water. She is devoted to her students, to her yoga practice, and to love and kindness. She is truth and she is yoga. Namaste, my dear friend. 

- Brittany Rattinger, West Palm Beach


Caroline Wybar is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! The only thing more amazing than her badass practice is her extraordinary heart. I was lucky to start my practice this past November at Haute Yoga in West Palm Beach. I've played sports my whole life but never had the "guts" to take yoga. I was going through some personal issues and needed a new workout/guidance, and then I met Caroline. Not only ripped, but also a glowing blonde with the aura like no other. Her classes were challenging, but encouraging. Playful, yet extremely helpful. Most importantly, her playlists were on point!

From sweaty workshops with Caroline (instructing or participating), to inversions on the beach, to dinner out with the entire class, she is incredible in every sense. I credit her for many of the bonds I created in my yoga classes. She helped unite a group of Aussies, South Africans, and New Yorkers, to name a few, into a group of lifelong friends. 

Unfortunately I was only in Florida for 7 months and currently back home in New York. I miss her class and her energy whenever I step into a studio. She is one of the main reasons I will be attending a 500 hour yoga teacher training in Bali this Fall. She taught me how to follow my heart and let life guide you. I am forever grateful to this woman and look forward to taking her class again one day soon. 

- Kyle Siegel


I don't believe it is overstatement to say that Caroline was the impetus behind a big, positive change in my life. Caroline not only served as my introduction into yoga, but she took the time to develop a relationship with me and learn my reasons for pursuing a practice. Caroline is an intelligent, empathetic, and graceful being who is incredibly skilled at bringing ephemeral yogic ideas down to an understandable, concrete level. She is not only a teacher, but a friend. I cannot recommend her services enough 

- With gratitude, Rachel Young


Caroline instilled a confidence in us which flowed through us, out onto our mats and also, seamlessly into our own lives. Caroline's beauty and sincerity is an unwavering existence and presence. At Flight Club, Renée and I were encouraged to explore, play and discover which allowed us to grow and evolve at each and every class.

- Steven and Renee Paolini


It only took two classes to realize that Yoga for All, taught by Caroline Wybar, had become the highlight of my week. Under her guidance, yoga shifted for me from an attempt to focus inward while performing proper breathing and skillful poses to a joyful experience of personal exploration within a supportive community. Caroline teaches from her heart and I am thankful that her’s has touched mine.

- Rebecca Robin


It was through the encouragement of some common friends and social media I took the opportunity to reach out to Caroline about participating in Yoga for All and Adventures in Yoga. I did so during an incredibly tumultuous time in my life, shortly after the death of my father, and when I was desperately needing some direction and some peace. Caroline responded in her customarily enthusiastic and loving way to my inquiry, and has been equally motivating and supportive over the time we have spent together in these classes. I honestly don't think I would've allowed yoga into my life at a time I needed it so much if it hadn't been for Caroline's generosity, authenticity and philanthropy, and for those things I am eternally grateful.

As a mental health professional and as a person who has struggled with being present in her feelings for years, and especially because I now have experienced it myself, I see the amazing transformative effect that yoga can have for so many who are suffering. While this is probably not remotely new an insight for some, it has been a HUGE epiphany for me. I will forever be indebted to Caroline for her inspiration, her non-judgmental inclusion and her kind spirit in bringing yoga into my life.

- Nicole Davis