Temples along the Path of Pilgrimage.jpg

One of my favorite images for the asana practice belongs to Tias Little who invites us to think of each pose as a temple on the path of pilgrimage - each with its own energetics, each with its own harmonics.

It’s worth getting really comfortable with the idea that the poses are never done. As we grow in sensitivity, our experience inside of these temples changes. We may visit these temples for a lifetime and yet, if we are truly present, we will hear and see and experience something different every time.

Perfectionism is the enemy of a felt sense of wholeness. And you are allowed to feel whole inside of these shapes no matter where you are in your journey and no matter how you are expressing them. It’s not about correction so much as it is about evolution. The movement is always towards greater freedom.

Changes and improvements in your practice will take place naturally as the quality of your awareness changes. The joy is in being fully present for each step.

I welcome you to join me as we dance along the path of pilgrimage!